Again, PIEA makes headlines as Observer-Reporter features PIEA

The PIEA continues to make headlines across the Commonwealth. And for good reason!

The latest feature comes from the Observer-Reporter, an award-winning daily paper that circulates to Washington and Greene counties in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

I was able to talk to reporter Karen Mansfield this week about how esports is the fastest growing scholastic sport in Pennsylvania, as well as the PIEA's effort in bringing greater accountability, regulation and cohesiveness to the high school esports space.

I mentioned that right now, because so many entities are trying to capitalize on the popularity of esports, it’s kind of the wild, wild west when it comes to competitions. And that can be extremely overwhelming for schools who might want to embark on esports but are hammered by the many for-profit and other esports platforms that have risen out of the sport’s popularity. The PIEA has worked hard to build relationship and partnerships with credible entities, including with the PSEL, the affiliate of NASEF here in Pennsylvania.

And we also know that students and schools want to build on their current experiences. The article spotlights the importance of esports as a way to connect with students and provide another outlet for students to be engaged. We know that playing locally, building upon traditional sports rivalries and competitions, is what the students want from esports competitions. And the PIEA will provide that path to a true State Championship.

The article also features state Rep. Mike Puskaric, a Board member of the PIEA and legislator from Washington County.

Rep. Puskaric said in the article that esports provides an opportunity for school districts to expand their extracurricular activities for students “in a way that has a positive impact on their science and technology learning."

The continued media exposure and interest in our Spring State Championships has been phenomenal. We are one week out from registration closing, and we are well on our way to a robust and exciting season as we crown Pennsylvania's FIRST Esports State Champions!

Click the image below to read the Observer-Reporter article:

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