Samantha Bickel

Executive Director

Samantha joins the PIEA after working with Vanta Leagues, a youth development Esports League focused on providing exceptional coaching and safe gaming spaces for kids between the ages of 9 to 14. She brings over 5 years experience in managing athletic teams, operations, events and administration through athletics. 


As a passionate gamer and esports player, Samantha shifted focus to the booming industry of esports from college athletics. Samantha values the lives of student-athletes and is motivated in contributing to their safety and memorable experiences while participating in high school athletics. She holds a Masters Degree in Sports Administration from Drexel University and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Widener University.


Samantha resides in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA, where she enjoys playing Overwatch competitively, along with other story-based video games on both PC and PS4. Samantha grew up loving Nintendo, GameCube, and Xbox, where her love for video games originated as she played Halo with her older brother.

Samantha was named the first-ever Executive Director of the PIEA on November 8, 2021. She oversees the management, administration, growth, and membership of the organization.

Contact Samantha at samantha@interscholasticesports.org