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The PIEA is one of the first high school governing bodies solely focused on esports programs and clubs.

​Established in 2019, the PIEA is a nonprofit entity established to provide regulatory oversight and competition guidelines for interscholastic esports in Pennsylvania. We are a member-driven organization made up of schools competing in esports all across the Commonwealth.


Our primary mission is to build confidence in the integrity of high school esports programs, promote curriculum that enhance STEM and other educational opportunities, and develop world-class esports content that will grow esports opportunities.


The mission will support a primary goal of establishing a high school esports ecosystem that provides school districts, players and parents with safe, structured and reliable competitions leading to a recognized state championship in various gaming titles. All while ensuring the safety and security of our state's student-athletes.


Pennsylvania Interscholastic

Esports Association

For more information, contact us at info@interscholasticesports.org


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Help shape the future of Pennsylvania High School Esports!

The PIEA is an organization made up of

school administrators, teachers and advisors committed to making esports a viable and meaningful extracurricular activity for students interested in playing competitive video games. 


Our member-driven organization will provide much needed regulatory oversight and competition guidelines for interscholastic esports in Pennsylvania. All with the mission of focusing on the safety of all participating students and maintaining the integrity of all competitions.



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The Path To a State Championship!


The PIEA State Esports Championship is Pennsylvania's first and only statewide Interscholastic Esports League that provides the necessary regulatory framework and structure for an annual State Championship in each authorized esports game title.



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